IGAD has recognized Commissioner General Demelash GebreMichael of the Ethiopian Federal Police.

The Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) has recognized Commissioner General Demelash GebreMichael of the Ethiopian Federal Police for his outstanding contribution to the peace and security of the region.

H.E. Dr. Workneh, the Executive Secretary of IGAD presided over the recognition ceremony on 30 March 2023 at the IGAD Headquarters in Djibouti.

Commissioner General Gebremichael is in Djibouti to expedite the cooperation between the police forces of Ethiopia and Djibouti, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in March 2021.

The MoU aims to strengthen cooperation between the Ethiopian Federal Police and the Djibouti National Police Force in the fields of police personnel training and border security preparedness.

During a meeting with Dr. Workneh, CG Demelash stressed the importance of conducting joint operations along the common border to combat transnational crimes such as human trafficking, migrant smuggling, and the trafficking of illicit arms and drugs that undermine the peace, security, and socio-economic interests of the Horn of Africa and beyond.

To this effect, the two countries’ police forces established a Joint taskforce that will be responsible for coordinating and leading joint cooperation at identified three Operations Centers along the common border where the Joint border monitoring units will be stationed.

The Ethiopian Federal Police and Djibouti National Police Force presented a proposal on the technical and material support required for the units to perform their respective operations along the common border prepared by the taskforce to the Executive Secretary.

Dr. Workneh reiterated the need to combat crimes, security threats, and other illegal activities, including human trafficking, illegal arms smuggling, money laundering, and the movement of anti-peace elements. He pledged to support the taskforce in securing the peace in the HoA.

The CG also met with the Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie, Colonel Zakaria Hassan Aden, during his visit to Djibouti’s International School for Advanced Training in Judicial Policing.

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