Title: Nurturing Bilateral Bonds: The Embassy of Ethiopia in Ontario, Canada

The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Ontario, Canada stands as a pivotal diplomatic mission, fostering and fortifying the enduring relations between Ethiopia and Canada. This diplomatic outpost is dedicated to nurturing connections, both governmental and societal, while providing essential services to Ethiopian citizens residing in Canada.

Mission and Purpose:
At the heart of the Embassy’s mission is the steadfast commitment to maintaining and advancing bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Canada. Beyond diplomatic protocols, the Embassy plays a crucial role in serving the needs of Ethiopian citizens in Canada, ensuring their welfare and support within a foreign land.

Diplomatic Endeavors:
Operating at the intersection of government-to-government and people-to-people diplomacy, the Embassy serves as a dynamic hub for fostering understanding and collaboration between Ethiopia and Canada. It is a conduit for shared values, mutual respect, and strategic partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Community Outreach and Support:
Recognizing the importance of community engagement, the Embassy actively engages with the Ethiopian diaspora and the wider Ethiopian-Canadian community. By offering vital resources and support, it becomes a cornerstone for Ethiopians navigating life in Canada, addressing their concerns and championing their interests.

Cultural Promotion and Economic Opportunities:
In addition to its diplomatic functions, the Embassy takes on the role of a cultural ambassador, promoting Ethiopia’s rich cultural heritage and underscoring its untapped tourism potential. Moreover, it acts as a catalyst for trade and investment, showcasing the economic opportunities that Ethiopia presents to the Canadian business landscape.

Accreditation to Haiti Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago :

The reach of the Embassy extends beyond the Canadian borders, as it is also accredited to Countries in the Caribbean: The Republic of Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago. This broader scope signifies Ethiopia’s commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties across the North American and Caribbean regions.

The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Ontario, Canada, is more than a diplomatic mission; it is a bridge that connects nations, cultures, and communities. With a multifaceted approach encompassing diplomatic relations, community support, cultural promotion, and economic cooperation, the Embassy plays a pivotal role in shaping a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between Ethiopia and Canada.

The chancery is located at

Embassy of Ethiopia
350 Sparks St. unit 908, Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8

Map of Ethiopian Embassy

Consular Office

Consular Service Working Hours
Walk-in Service
(Only 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM ( Monday to Friday)

Embassy of Ethiopia : Former Ambassadors

H.E. Aster Mamo

Feb . 2019- Feb 2023

H.E. Kassa Tekleberhan

Nov. 2017 – Feb 2019

H.E. Girma Birru

Dec. 2010 – Oct. 2017

H.E. Dr. Samuel Assefa
Jan 9, 2006 – Nov 19, 2009

H.E. Kassahun Ayele
June 19, 2002 – Jan 9, 2006

H.E. Berhane Gebre-Christos
March 16, 1992 – June 19,2002

H.E. Ayalew Mandafro
Nov 4, 1977 – 1978

H.E. Kifle Wedajo
April 26, 1972 – April 10, 1975

H.E. Dr. Minassie Haile
Oct 16, 1969 – June 11, 1971

Afe Nigus, Teshome Haile-Mariam
Aug 25, 1965 – Oct 1968

H.E. Berhanu Dinke
April 28, 1961-June 15, 1965

Lij Michael Imru
May 11, 1960 – April 11, 1961

H.E. Zewdie Gebre-Hiwot
Aug 25, 1958 – Oct 8, 1960

H.E. Yilma Derressa
Sept 11, 1953 – April 1957

Ras Imru Hailesselassie
May 6,1946-Sept 1949

Blatten Gueta Ephrem Tewld-Medhin
Nov 9, 1943 – Mar 27, 1945