Visiting Ethiopia – Overview

Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization, is a country with a long and storied history and the home of unparalleled natural beauty. Ethiopia offers a wide range of tourism opportunities, and all visitors experience first-hand the warm hospitality for which the Ethiopian people are famous.

Ethiopia – The Birthplace of Man

Ethiopia has a proud history which can be traced to the beginnings of mankind. Among the most remarkable evidence of Ethiopia’s status as the cradle of civilization was the discovery of “Lucy,” a female hominid whose 3.2 million-year-old skeleton was found in 1974 near the Awash River at Hadar. Lucy is currently traveling to museums in the United States, introducing millions of Americans to Ethiopia and its remarkable past and future. Learn more about Lucy and see why her traveling exhibit is amazing American visitors.

Ethiopia’s Historical Treasures

Travelers to Ethiopia have a unique opportunity to experience a rich and diverse array of historical sites. From the towering obelisks of ancient Axum to the staggering rock-hewn churches of Lalibela to the medieval castles at Gondar, Ethiopia does not disappoint. Learn more about Ethiopia’s many historical attractions.

Ethiopia’s Natural Beauty

All across Ethiopia are pristine national parks of unmatched splendor. Travelers who appreciate the rugged beauty of Africa and are looking to add an element of adventure to their trip can tap into Ethiopia’s unique opportunities for adventure or ecotourism experiences. Learn more about Ethiopia’s natural attractions.