Ethiopian Government briefs International Community In Addis about Peace Deal with TPLF

Ethiopian Government briefs International Community In Addis about Peace Deal with TPLF


The International Community based in Addis Ababa was briefed today (November 5) about the agreement signed between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF in South Africa.

The briefing was held to give further clarification and updates regarding the process during the agreement, the contents of the agreement, the next steps in the implementation of the deal, expectations from friends and partners, as well as an expression of gratitude for all who contributed to the realization of the agreement.

Ambassador Redwan Hussien, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. Gedion Timotiwos, Minister of Justice, delivered the briefing and addressed the questions raised by participants.

Ambassador Redwan Hussien updated the international community on the steps being taken for implementation of the agreement, which include an exchange of phone calls and an expected in-person meeting between the commander of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and the military leader of the TPLF in relation to disarmament.

Attendees, ambassadors, and heads of international organizations, based in Addis Ababa applauded the agreement between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF to bring about peace and stability in the northern part of Ethiopia and expressed firm support for its implementation.

Participants also expressed support for the efforts underway regarding the reconstruction of infrastructure and basic services and stated their further commitment and solidarity regarding efforts to rebuild conflict affected areas.

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