Ethiopia participated in a two-day (23-24 March 2023) “High-Level Dialogue on Nutrition Financing”

Ethiopia participated in a two-day (23-24 March 2023) “High-Level Dialogue on Nutrition Financing” in Maseru hosted by His Majesty King Letsie III  of Lesotho, who is  African Union Champion for #Nutrition in collaboration with AU Commission.

In an intervention during the dialogue session, Mrs. Nardos Ayalew, Representative of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ethiopia noted, for countries like Ethiopia with a population of over 120 million and certain areas experiencing recurrent drought food security and nutrition are key agenda of the government She said, the GoE has accordingly allocated sufficient resources for a number of projects and initiatives addressing food self-sufficiency.

She added, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed actively champions the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Programme (#CAADP). and the Ethiopian Government is also working closely with African Union and other partners and key stakeholders to realize continental objectives on agricultural development and food security, Mrs. Nardos added.

Among others, the Representative highlighted “Yelemat Tirufat” (Bounty of the Basket) development campaigned championed by the Premiere to achieve nutritional opulence while increasing export earnings, ensuring food and nutrition security, and substitute imported products. She also reaffirmed the continued commitment of Ethiopia to end stunting among children under below the age of two by 2030 under the rubric of “The Seqota Declaration.”

The event provided an opportunity to discuss ways for public private partnerships to mobilize necessary finances mostly from national resources to support projects and initiative that can transform the food system to reduce malnutrition and food security in Africa.

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