Deputy prime minister & Foreign minister conferred with Yemeni Foreign Minister.

H.E. Deputy prime minister & Foreign minister Demeke Mekonnen conferred with Yemeni Foreign Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak at office today (20 March 2023).

During the deliberations H.E. Demeke briefed H.E. Dr. Mubarak on current affairs. While underscoring the need to further bolster the multifaceted ties, Mr. Demeke urged Dr. Mubarak, to work closely towards the reactivation of relations.

Dr. Mubarak, on his part, assured Mr. Demeke of his government’s continued support in the resumption of formal engagements. Yemen and Ethiopia need political consultations, Dr. Mubarak told Mr. Demeke. He also said, the Government of Yemen will assist the Government of Ethiopia to expedite the voluntary repatriation of Ethiopians in Yemen.

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