Replacing A Lost Or Stolen Ethiopian Origin ID Card

Replacing A Lost Or Stolen Ethiopian Origin ID Card admin September 18, 2022

Lost/Stolen ID Card

You can apply online to get a lost/stolen replacement of your Origin ID card.

Required documents.

Before applying for a new Ethiopian passport, the following condition should be fulfilled. You are required to submit the following documents in support of your application.

    • Documents certifying the parent(s) Ethiopian citizenship.
      The following documents are acceptable:
      • Copy of the parent(s) passport
      • Birth Certificate
    • Copy of child’s birth certificate;
      • The birth certificate must be certified by the legalization Office of the Canadian government.
    • Canadian permanent residence card (if applicable)
    • Fingerprint which must be taken from the nearest police station or commissionaires should be stamped and signed by the fingerprinting services mentioning their complete address (if applicable).
    • Complete the form known as ‘Travel without document’’ carefully. Please do not forget to write the name, address, and phone number of the immediate family (if applicable). 

Once the above requirements are met, the application will be forwarded to Ethiopian immigration in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the further screening process. The Ethiopian immigration office will notify the result within a month time.
Once a greenlight is given through the preliminary screening process the passport application will proceed.

When the Application is accepted

When the application for a new Ethiopian passport is accepted by Ethiopian immigration, the following new passport requirements have to be fulfilled.

  1. You must complete two copies of the Application Form
    • The form must be completed in BLOCK CAPITAL letters in either blue or black ink.
    • You must complete the form to the best of your ability, answering all the required questions clearly. Your application may not be processed if you fail to provide all necessary information.
    • Parent or guardian signature and write the date on the form, where asked.
  2. Original or notarized copy of required document.
  3. Four recent passport-sized (3cm by 4cm) color photographs (with white background). The photograph should be full face without sunglasses, hat or other head covering unless for ethnic or religious reasons (Both ears must be visible). Please write your name on the back of the photograph in BLOCK CAPITAL letters. Please note that we may not accept photographs that do not meet these specifications.
  4. Passport fee $82.56 CAD dollar money order or certified check which is payable to Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  5. A self-addressed express prepaid return envelope must be provided when an application sent by mail.
  6. Fingerprint must be taken at the local police station or concerned authorities and authenticated by the notary public or appropriate Authorities (May not be needed if already taken on the preliminary process) (If applicable).
  7. Copy of parent’s passport for minor (below 18 yrs. of age) if applicable.
  8. Copy of birth certificate for minor (below 18 yrs. of age) if applicable

Please note that a person who has a Canadian travel document should not apply for new Ethiopian passport.

If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact the consular section via the contact us.

Fees and Payment

Follow the online instruction.

Submitting your application online

Please make sure to follow the online instruction

Processing times and return of passport.

It takes approximately 3 weeks 

Consular Section will notify you by email when your passport will be ready for delivery

To Replace Lost/Damaged ID

Download and complete  the Application form online at: