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Dine For Ethiopia admin September 17, 2022

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Building on the well-documented successes of the Unity Park, Sheger Riverside and Entoto Park projects, the Dine for Ethiopia initiative was officially launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed earlier in the summer with the vision to develop three new world-class tourist sites in Ethiopia’s regions .This sleepy port town will enchant with its offer of ancient monasteries, lakeside relaxation and endemic wildlife

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Project Purpose

  • Create green local jobs
  • Mobilize the service sector
  • Generate foreign and domestic currency for communities
  • Increase Ethiopia’s share in global tourism

thereby supporting the country’s home-grown economic reform agenda, propelling the tourism sector and sustaining our development.

As a first step, Embassy staff have each pledged a month of their salary to the support the initiative and we are now opening up donations to the Ethiopian diaspora and all friends of Ethiopia in the in Canada .“It takes a daring few to reach a tipping point in achieving a desired positive result. The brave few that take a leap of faith without a guarantee of the outcome.”