Prime Minister Hilemariam brings new faces to ministerial portfolio

The new cabinet that the House of People’s Representatives approved today following the proposal by the Prime Minister has brought 9 new faces to the portfolio.

The new ministers are mainly academicians and researchers with high profile in the international arena.

 1.Dr. Hirut Wolde-mariam (Female)

          Minister of Culture and Tourism

          Ethnic background – Kembata (SNNP Regional State)

          Academic background - BA in Linguistics

- MA in Linguistics

- PhD in linguistics, Cologne University

Dr. Hirut is an academician who served as researcher and lecturer as well as vice president at the Addis Ababa University (AAU).

Dr. Hirut has published more than 31 researches on renowned international journals and represented her country and field of study in different international conferences. She has also played a significant role in conducting researches on Ethiopian languages. 

Prior to her appointment, Dr. Hirut has been serving as Vice President of the Addis Ababa University.

2.Dr. Negeri Lencho

            Minister of Government Communications Affairs Office

           Ethnic background - Oromo 

           Academic background -  BA in English Language and Literature, Kotebe College

                                                  - MA in Media and Communication Studies, Hyderabad University, India

                                                  - PhD in Journalism and Communication, Andhra University, India

Dr. Negeri is an academician who served as research expert, journalist, lecturer and Acting Dean at Addis Ababa University (AAU) and a Coordinator at School of Journalism and Communication at the AAU.

Dr. Negeri has published more than three books in media and communication as well as culture.

In addition to his formal duties, Dr. Negeri has been a Board Member of Ethiopian News Agency, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation and Oromia Radio and Television Organization.

3.Dr. Girma Amente

           Minister of Public Enterprise

           Ethnic background - Oromo

           Academic background - BSc in Forestry, Alemaya University

- MSc in Production Forestry, Swedish University of Agriculture in collaboration with the Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural 

            - PhD in Silvi-culture, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

Dr. Girma Amente, who published more than 12 articles and researches both individually and collectively on different journals, is has won recognition for his works internationally.

He has served as expert and head of different forestry projects, Deputy Director of Oromia Land Utilization and Head of Oromia Forestry Enterprise.

He has also served as President of Haromaya University.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Girma was Director of UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use in East Africa.

 4.Dr. Eyasu Abrha

           Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resource

           Ethnic background - Tigray

           Academic background - BA and MSc degrees in Agronomy, Sub-Tropics Institute, Russia

 - PhD in Plant Science, Prague University

Dr. Eyasu has served in various posts related to crops in Tigray Regional State.

He has served as researcher and head at Mekele Agricultural Research Institute between 2001 and 2003.

Prior to this appointemnt, Dr. Eyasu served as Director-General of Tigray Agricultural Research Institute.

5.Fikadu Beyene (Professor)

           Minister of Livestock and Fisheries

           Ethnic background – Oromo

           Academic background - BSc in veterinary science, AAU

            - MSc in Animal Husbandry, Haromaya University

            - PhD in Dairy Technology, Norway Agriculture University

Professor Fikadu Beyene has been an assistant lecturer and researcher, Assistant Dean at Hawassa Agricultural College, Head of Academic Affairs at Hawassa University, and President of Wollega University.

Prior to this appointment, he has served as President of Civil Service University.

6.Dr. Gemedo Dale

           Minister of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change

           Ethnic background – Oromo

           Academic background - BSc in biology, AAU

            - MSc in plant science, AAU

             -         PhD in Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Gemedo Dale has been serving in various posts and produced 25 research papers published in well-known journals both individually and collectively.   

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Gemedo has served as Director-General of the Biodiversity Institute since 2004 EC.   

7.Yifru Birhane (Professor)

           Minister of Health

           Ethnic background - Amhara

          Academic background - Medical Doctorate degree  

          - Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Professor Yifru Birhane is a well-known researcher who served in different universities, led different research and study teams, and produced more than 70 researches published in renowned journals, both individually and collectively.

He has served as Medical Director at Dilla Hospital, Dean of the Hawassa Health Science College.

Professor Yifru was Head of the AAU Health Science College with the rank of vice president.

8.Dr. Engineer Sileshi Bekele

           Minister of Water, Irrigation & Electricity

           Ethnic background - Oromo

           Academic background - BSc in civil engineering

                                         - MSc in Hydraulics Engineering & Hydrology, Newcastle University, England

                                         - PhD in Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineering, Dresden University

Dr. Sileshi Bekele is known for preparing more than 60 educational books as well as producing papers published in international journals.

He has been active in leading and coordinating boards of a number of international organizations and research groups, particularly those working in relation to water technology.

Currently, he is closely working with the Ethiopian Embassy in New York in rallying Ethiopians in the Diaspora to mobilize support for science and math education in Ethiopia. 

Dr. Sileshi served as lecturer and dean at Arba Minch Water Technology Institute. He was Head of International Water Management Institute East Africa and Nile Basin Office.

He has also served as water & climate change senior specialist at the UNECA and

Senior inter-regional Advisor on National Strategies, Water, Energy & Capacity Branch at UNDESA.

9.Dr. Bekele Bulado (Assistant Professor) at Hawassa Univerisity)

           Minister of Trade

           Ethnic background - Sidama (SNNRP Regional State)

          Academic background - BA in Management, AAU

                                                - MBA

                                            - PhD in Strategic Management & Business Policy, NUI, Ireland

Dr. Bekele Bulado has been a salesperson, head of a local company, head of marketing and sales department at MOHA soft drinks industry, and plan and business development head at Awash International Bank.

He also served as Deputy President of Hawassa University.

Prior to this assignment, he served as CEO of Ethiopian Trading Corporation.   


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