The firm commitment of the public and the government of Ethiopia will continue unabated until the completion of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the Ministry of Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) said.

 GCAO State Minister Frehiwot Ayalew revealed that out of the 12 billion birr pledged by the public, 8.1 billion has been used for the project. And 500 million of the 800 million birr promised by the public during the past six months alone is collected.

While briefing journalists on the 5th year anniversary of the launching of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Frehiwot said these manifest the strong commitment of the public  

She stressed that the united spirit of Ethiopians in every walk of life is reflected by their enthusiasm to still continue contributing to the construction of the dam.

The state minister pointed out that GERD celebrates the diversity and the unity of the people; and it is a manifestation of Ethiopian sovereignty which broke the age-long spirit of despondence.

In spite of many challenges such as the current drought, the construction of the dam is proceeding as per the schedule as a result of the devoted attention given to it by the government and the public, she stated.

On celebrating the 5th anniversary of the start of the GERD, focus would center on strengthening the enthusiastic participation of the entire public, Frehiwot said.

The dam, which is being financed by its own people, is a project of immense use not only to Ethiopia but also to the whole region, according to the state minister.

Frehiwot believes that GERD will strengthen the economic cooperation and integration of the riparian countries; and added that it also ensures peace, security and development in the region and the whole continent.

The 5th anniversary of the dam will be celebrated on April 2, 2016 at the project site, it was learned.












የኢትዮጵያ ፌዴራላዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊክ

ኤምባሲ - ኦታዋ

አስተዳደር ዘርፍ


ታህሳስ 25 ቀን 2011 ዓ.ም.

January 3/2019


የቅጥር ማስታወቂያ


በኦታዋ የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ በሚከተለው የሥራ መደብ ላይ አመልካቾችን አወዳድሮ ለመቅጠር ይፈልጋል፡፡



የመደቡ መጠሪያ



/በካናዳ ዶላር/

የመንጃ ፈቃድ ደረጃ

ተፈላጊ የትምህርት ደረጃና አግባብ ያለው የስራ ልምድ






-       12ተኛ ክፍል ያጠናቀቀ

-       አማርኛና እንግሊዝኛ ቌንቌ ማንበብ፣ መጻፍና መናገር የሚችል፣

-       ኢትዮጵያዊ/ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያዊ የሆነ፣

-       የ5 ዓመት የስራ ልምድ ያለው፣


-       የምዝገባ ጊዜ፡- ማስታወቂያው ከወጣበት ቀን ጀምሮ ለተከታታይ 10 የሥራ ቀናት፣

-       የምዝገባ ቦታ፡- የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ ኦታዋ 1501-275 Slater Street, Ottawa, KIP 5H9 Canada፣

-       የቅጥር ሁኔታ፡- ለ1 ወር በኮንትራት /አስፈላጊ ከሆነ ሊራዘም የሚችል/፣

-       የስራ ሰአት፡ - 8፡30 am- 05፡30 pm

-       ምዝገባ የሚካሄድበት ሰዓት፡ ጠዋት ከ9፡30-12፡00 ከሰአት በኋላ ከ2፡00-4፡30

-       ከኦታዋ ውጭ ለሚደረግ የመስክ ስራ መጓዝ የሚችል፣ /ቶሮንቶ፣ ሞንትሪያልና ኪችነር/

-       አመልካቾች የትምህርትና የስራ ልምድ፣ ደረጃ G የመንጃ ፈቃድ፣ የስራና የመኖሪያ ፈቃድ፣ አንድ ጉርድ ፎቶግራፍ፣ የሾፌርነት ብቃት የሀኪም ማስረጃ፣ Curriculum Vitae/Resume፣ የፓስፖርት ኮፒ ከማመልከቻ ጋር ማቅረብ ይጠበቅባቸዋል፣

-       አመልካቾች ማስረጃቸውን በመያዝ ከላይ በተጠቀሰው አድራሻ በአካል በመቅረብ ወይንም በፖስታ ለኤምባሲው በመላክ መመዝገብ ይችላሉ፣

-       የተመረጡ ተወዳዳሪዎች ለፈተና የሚቀርቡበት ቀን በቀጣይ ማስታወቂያ ይገለጻል፣

-       ለተጨማሪ መረጃ በኤምባሲው የስልክ ቁጥር 613 565 6637 የውስጥ መስመር 203 መደወል ይቻላል፡፡




 Invitation for Bid


Name of Country: Ethiopia


Name of Project: Procurement of 400,000 MT wheat grain or milling wheat for Ministry of Trade and Industry (Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation).


Procurement Reference number: PPPDS/ETBC/ICB/PG/131/03/2011


  1. The Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) on behalf of Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation have funds with the Procuring entity’s budget to be used for the Procurement of 400,000 MT milling wheat.
  2. The PPPDS invites eligible Bidders for the supply of goods and services mentioned above.
  3. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the International Competitive Bid (ICB) procedures, contained in the Public Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and is open to all Bidders from eligible source countries.
  4. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from PPPDS and inspect the bidding document at the address given below at 7(a) from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm until bid closing date.
  5. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders at the address given below at 7(a) upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 200.00 (two Hundred Birr) or equivalent amount in easily convertible hard currencyThe method of payment will be in cash.
  6. Bid must be delivered to the Address below at 7(b) on or before 31st January 2019 at 10:0 0 am.
  7. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security amount valued at 100,000 birror equivalent amount for each lot in the form of CPO or an unconditional Bank counter guarantee from domestic Commercial Banks. The bid security should be in the name of Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend the event at the address below at 7(b) at 10: 15 am on 31st January 2019.


(a) Documents will be issued at Ministry of Finance, compound No.2, block 5th, 1stfloor, room No. 101, Telephone 011-1-540524, 011-1-223755/22


(b) Bids must be delivered to, and will be opened at PPPDS, Ministry of Finance, compound No.2, Block No. 5th, 1st floor conference Hall.


PPPDS reserves the right to reject any or all bids and any items on the bid.


Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS)


Tel. 011-1-540524, 011-1-223755 or 011-1-223722




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



 ለውድ ተገልጋዮቻችን በሙሉ፡-


ኤምባሲያችን በፓስፖርት፣ ቪዛና የሰነድ ማረጋገጫ አገልግሎቶች ላይ ባለው የምንዛሪ ልዩነት የዋጋ ለውጥ ያደረገ መሆኑን እየገለጸ አገልግሎቶቹንና የዋጋ ዝርዝር በተመለከተ በድኅረ ገጻችን Consular Section በሚለው ሜኑ ስር የምታገኙ መሆኑን እንገልጻለን፡፡


የኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ ኤምባሲ

ኦታዋ ካናዳ



ለሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊያንና ትውልድ ኢትዮጵያዊያን


በካናዳ በጉዲፈቻ መንገድ የመጡ ህፃናትና ወጣቶች እንዳሉ ይታወቃል፡፡ በመሆኑም ሚሲዮናችን እነዚህን ዜጎች በማግኘትና ፍላጎት ያላቸውን ከቤተሰቦቻቸው ጋር ለማገናኘት እንዲሁም ያሉበትን ሁኔታ ኤምባሲው ለማወቅና ለመደገፍ ስለፈለገ ይህ መረጃ እንዲደርሳቸውና አድራሻቸውን እንድታሳውቁን በአክብሮት እንጠይቃለን፡፡


ስልክ ቁጥር (613) 565 6637 ext 204፣ 207፣ 213


ወይም በኢሜል፡


የኢ.ፌ.ዴ.ሪ. ኤምባሲ ኦታዋ



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Announcement [ለውድ ተገልጋዮች!!] Agraf

ጉዳዩ፡ የውክልና ሰነዶችን የማረጋገጥ አገልግሎት አሰራር ላይ የተደረገ ለውጥን ይመለከታል፡፡
ከዚህ ቀደም አገልግሎቱ ያላበቃ የኢትዮጵያ ፓስፖርት ወይም አገልግሎቱ ያላበቃ የትውልድ ኢትዮጵያዊ መታወቂያ ካርድ ለያዛችሁ ተገልጋዮች ያዘጋጃችሁትን ውክልና ኖታሪ [ Notary] በማድረግ ብቻ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን በመላክ የማረጋገጥ ስራ ስናከናውን መቆየታችን ይታወቃል፡፡ ሆኖም ከሰኔ 14 ቀን 2010 ዓ/ም [ ከጁን 21/2018] ጀምሮ ማንኛውም ወደ ኤምባሲያችን የሚላኩ ኖታሪ [ Notary] የተደረጉ የውክልና ሰነዶች ወደ ኤምባሲያችን ከመላካቸው በፊት እንደሌሎች ሰነዶች ኦታዋ በሚገኘው የካናዳ ግሎባል አፌየርስ [ Canadian global Affairs in Ottawa ] ከተረጋገጡ በኋላ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን መላክ እንደሚኖርባቸው በአክብሮት መግለጽ እንወዳለን፡፡በሌላ በኩል የውክልና ሰነድ መስጠት ለሚፈልጉ ቫሊድ የሆነ የኢትዮጵያ ፓስፖርትና ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያ መታወቂያ ያላቸው ተገልጋዮች ኤምባሲው ጽ/ቤት በአካል ቀርበው ሰነዱ ላይ በመፈረም በቀላሉ አገልግሎት ማግኘት የሚችሉ መሆኑን እናሳውቃለን፡፡   

ቆንስላ አገልግሎት 

ለበለጠ መረጃ እባክዎ ይጎብኙ፡፡













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