South African companies keen to invest in Ethiopia

South African investors and representatives of companies have expressed their readiness to invest in Ethiopia and do business with.

A South African business delegation comprising 22 investors and representatives of companies are currently in Ethiopia to explore investment potentials and opportunities in the country, particularly in manufacturing, agro-processing, energy and construction sectors.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael met with the South African Business Delegation on Monday (March 6, 2017) and briefed them on investment prospects in Ethiopia. 

Dr. Aklilu  underscored that the delegation's current move will promote Ethiopia's aspiration to boost the intra Africa trade and enhance south-south cooperation.

He said, "Ethiopia attracts investors from China and Turkey as well as the US and Europe; nevertheless we would like to also promote south-south economic cooperation between African countries."

Touching upon the huge investment potentials in Ethiopia, the State Minister said, "Ethiopia's geographic location, its active membership in regional and bilateral trade agreements, including various other platforms with the U.S, EU and COMESA region, and the favorable investment policies make it an attractive investment destination."

Ethiopia's young and productive work force which accounts for 60 percent of the population also offers significant comparative advantages to investors, he added.

Adama Antex Groups, a Chinese textile manufacturing company, has officially started exporting its products, making it the first company to export from the recently inaugurated Adama Industrial Park on December 30/2018.

From its first export to Europe, a container of swimwear, the company is expected to generate 100,000 U.S. dollars, Antex Chairman, Qian Anhua said.

The Chairman said that the company has created jobs for 1,500 individuals. The number is expected to reach 10,000 when it goes fully operational.

Antex, that started its investment with five million U.S. dollars has later increased its capital to 50 million U.S. dollars. It is working on eight sheds that it rented within the park.

Officials from the investment commission and industrial parks development corporation (IPDC) attended the ceremony organized to celebrate the first export from the park.

CEO of IPDC, Lelise Neme lauded the company for starting to export products within a short period of time.

She added that Adama Industrial Park is exemplary for others for starting export within few months. The park was officially inaugurated in October this year.

Two companies including Antex are already started operation, while three others are in the pipeline, she said.

Adama industrial park is among the industrial parks that Ethiopia has developed over the past few years in order to stimulate industrial development by attracting anchor companies.

Adama Industrial park, approximately 93km southeast of Addis Abeba in Oromia regional state, was inaugurated in early October by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The first phase of the park that lies on 102 hectares, built at a cost of 147 million dollars was commissioned by the Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an initiative to improve Ethiopia’s business and investment climate.

The initiative is an integral part of Ethiopia’s Action Plan for Jobs, according to Office of the Prime Minister. The initiative is expected to make Ethiopia a competitive place to start and grow businesses.

PM Abiy said Ethiopia ranks 159 out of 190 in “Ease of Doing Business” and described the environment as inefficient, bureaucratic and cumbersome.

The national program will have 80 distinct actions to be delivered across 10 government agencies.

Abiy said Ethiopia has untapped investment opportunities, but weak system. “So the system and law need to be reviewed within the next 100 days.”

The revisions will include trade law, banking and credit system, tax collection, power supply and others, it was indicated.


Ethiopia has accomplished significant achievements as a Non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during the last two years, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The country’s term in UNSC will end on the 31st of December 2018 and South Africa will take over the seat, MoFA Spokesperson Meles Alem said.

He said the nation has played significant role in echoing voices of African countries to influence decisions.

Meles noted that Ethiopia has also exerted diplomatic efforts in Ethio-Eritrea rapprochement and has been able to showcase its reputation as a major pillar in the continent’s peace and security architecture.

Besides ensuring its national interests, “Ethiopia has tried to be the voice of reason at the UNSC, calling for unity and consensus in responding to some of the most difficult and complex peace and security challenges of our time,” the spokesperson pointed out.

Ethiopia’s policy priorities were ensuring national advantage and security, global peace keeping operations, realizing UN-AU system integration and fighting against terrorism, and played outstanding performance in each priority, according to Meles.

Ethiopia’s role in UNSC from 1967-1968, 1989-1990 and 2017-2018 has helped in protecting peace and security as well as passing decisions and resolutions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the placement of its 19 Ambassadors.

The lists of countries to which the Ambassadors are appointed are as follows.

1. Ambassador Sulieman Dedefo – United Arab Emirates
2. Mrs. Mulu Solomon – Germany
3. Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed – Djibouti
4. Mrs. Nasise Chali – Canada
5. Mr. Hassen Taju – Senegal
6. Mr. Reta Alemu – Israel
7. Mr. Henok Tefera – France
8. Mrs. Alemtsehay Meseret – Uganda
9. Tizita Mulugeta (PhD) – India
10. Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma – Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to AU
11. Ambassador Teshome Toga – China
12. Mr. Teferi Tadesse – South Sudan
13. Mr. Fitsum Arega – USA
14. Addisu Gebre-Egziabher (PhD) – Zimbabwe
15. Mr. Million Samuel – The Netherlands
16. Mr. Meles Alem – Kenya
17. Mr. Berhane Fisseha – Deputy Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the AU
18. Airorat Mohammed (PhD) – Oman
19. Ambassador Samia Zekaria – Qatar

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and suit
President Sahle-Work Zewde has returned to Addis Ababa this morning (December 19) after attending the #Africa -#Europe High-Level Forum in Vienna which took place under the theme: “Taking Cooperation to the Digital Age”.

The forum aimed at broadening cooperation between Africa and the #EU , with a focus on digital technology and its importance to economic growth and development.
The President addressed the forum with a particular focus on #Ethiopia 's efforts to expand digital technology, which can be achieved by infusing African economies with technology and by collaborating with Africa’s private sector. She said, “Transformation is a Pathway to Prosperity for all Africans.”

President Sahle-Work stressed the need to provide a space for European and African leaders, together with CEOs of major global companies, innovation champions, and stakeholders, to reflect and act on what needs to be done to secure prosperity.

She said, “Competitiveness on both continents is a fertile ground to deepen the relationship in all its aspects with a specific focus on taking our cooperation to the digital age.”
President Sahle-Work met with leaders of different countries and representatives of renowned global companies on the sidelines of the forum.

The High-Level Forum anticipates promoting innovation and digitalisation as important enablers of our future development, so that everyone can benefit from the ongoing digital transformation.

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