South African companies keen to invest in Ethiopia

South African investors and representatives of companies have expressed their readiness to invest in Ethiopia and do business with.

A South African business delegation comprising 22 investors and representatives of companies are currently in Ethiopia to explore investment potentials and opportunities in the country, particularly in manufacturing, agro-processing, energy and construction sectors.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael met with the South African Business Delegation on Monday (March 6, 2017) and briefed them on investment prospects in Ethiopia. 

Dr. Aklilu  underscored that the delegation's current move will promote Ethiopia's aspiration to boost the intra Africa trade and enhance south-south cooperation.

He said, "Ethiopia attracts investors from China and Turkey as well as the US and Europe; nevertheless we would like to also promote south-south economic cooperation between African countries."

Touching upon the huge investment potentials in Ethiopia, the State Minister said, "Ethiopia's geographic location, its active membership in regional and bilateral trade agreements, including various other platforms with the U.S, EU and COMESA region, and the favorable investment policies make it an attractive investment destination."

Ethiopia's young and productive work force which accounts for 60 percent of the population also offers significant comparative advantages to investors, he added.

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afeworki has received a warm welcome by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed upon arrival in Addis Ababa on July 14/2018.

Residents of Addis Ababa and its surrounding are also out in the streets to welcome President Isayas, who visited Ethiopia after two decades.

This is the first time for President Isaias Afewerki, who started his three-day state visit, to visit Ethiopia since 1996.

President Isaias’ visit to Addis Ababa is a daring move to end the two decade border standoff and re-establish diplomatic ties and reinforce economic ties.

The visit is expected to add momentum to the process started to normalize the relationship between the two countries.

During his stay in Ethiopia, the President will attend the reopening of Eritrean Embassy in Addis Ababa and visit Hawasa Industrial Parks.

The visit comes after Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a historic trip to Eritrea last weekend, setting off the restoration of diplomatic ties.

The thaw began when the Prime Minister Abiy announced Ethiopia would fully implement a peace deal that ended a two-year border war signed in 2000.

During Abiy’s visit to Eritrea, leaders of the two countries inked a comprehensive agreement to end hostilities, re-establish diplomatic and economic ties.

The recent rapprochement between the two countries is aimed at ending two decades of hostility.

Following Abiy’s visit to Asmara, phone lines are restored and Ethiopian Airlines flights to Eritrea are scheduled to begin next week.

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will travel to the United States of America late July to hold discussions with Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin living in that country.

The visit is aimed at making the diaspora become part of the inclusive reform and engage in the development and growth of the country as well as in economic, social and bulding democracy, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The public gatherings will be held in Washington DC and Los Angeles in July 28 and 29, 2018, it was learned.

The motto of the forums is: “Break the wall, Build the Bridge.”

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Birtukan Ayano said all Ethiopian Diasporas are invited to take part in the discussions, irrespective of political views, religion, and ethnicity.

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 አገራችን ከአሁን ቀደም ባልታየ መልኩ ባለፉት ጥቂት ወራት ውስጥ ከፍተኛ የለውጥ እርምጃ ተወስዶ በኢትዮጵያ ሰላም፣ ፍቅር፣ መቻቻልና ይቅርታ በማንገስ ብሔራዊ መግባባትን ፈጥሮ አገራችንን ከፍ ለማድረግ በመሠራት ላይ ይገኛል፡፡ በቅርቡም ክቡር ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ ለመላው የአገራችን ህዝቦች እንዲሁም በውጭ ለሚገኙ የኢትዮጵያ ዳያስፖራ ማህበረሰብ ይህንን የአንድነት፣ የፍቅር፣ የመቻቻል፣ የሰላምና የይቅርታ ዘመን ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ያገባኛል በሚል በመደመር አገራችንን ወደ ከፍታ ለማውጣት እንዲቻል የበኩሉን አስተዋፅኦ እንዲያደርግ ጥሪ ማቅረባቸው ይታወሳል።

ክቡር ጠ/ሚ/ር ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ በአገር ውስጥ በተለያዩ ክልሎችና ከተሞች በመገኘት ለኢትዮጵያውያን ንግግር በማድረግ ህዝቡ በአገራችን ለተጀመረው የአንድነት፣ የፍቅር፣ የሰላም፣ የይቅርታ እንዲሁም ብሔራዊ መግባባት የማስፈን የበኩሉን አስተዋፅኦ እንዲያበረክት ጥሪ ማስተላለፋቸውና የተለያዩ የማህበረሰቡ ክፍሎች ማለትም የሃይማኖት አባቶችን፣ የተፎካካሪ የፖለቲካ ፓርቲ መሪዎችን፣ አርቲስቶችን፣ የንግድ ማህበረሰቡን፣ ወዘተ በዚሁ አጀንዳ ዙሪያ አወያይተዋል። በቅርቡም ከኢትዮጵያ ውጭ ለሚገኙ የዳያስፖራ አባላት መልዕክት ለማስተላለፍ “ግንቡን እናፈርሳለን፣ ድልድዩን እንገነባለን” በሚል መሪ ቃል ሐምሌ 21 እና 22 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም. /ጁላይ 28 እና 29/2018/ በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ እና በሎስአንጀለስ በመገኘት ዳያስፖራውን ፊት ለፊት ለማነጋገር ቀን ተቆርጦ የቅድመ - ዝግጅት ሥራ በመከናወን ላይ ይገኛል። በካናዳ የምትገኙ የኢትዮጵያ ዳያስፖራ አባላትም በክቡር ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትራችን ወደ ሰሜን አሜሪካ መምጣት እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ እያልን በሰሜን አሜሪካ በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ ሐምሌ 21 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም. እንዲሁም በሎስአንጀለስ ሐምሌ 22 ቀን 2010 በሚካሄዱ መድረኮች ላይ ክቡር ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ በቦታው ተገኝተው ለዳያስፖራው መልዕክት የሚያስተላልፉ ስለሆነ በስብሰባው ላይ እንድትሳተፉ ጥሪ የተላለፈላችሁ መሆኑን እንገልፃለን፡፡

በተጨማሪም በካናዳ ኦታዋ የሚገኘው የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ በካናዳ ከሚገኙ ኢትዮጵያውያንና ትውልድ ኢትዮጵውያን የአመለካከት፣ የብሔር፣ የቋንቋ፣ የእምነትና የጾታ ልዩነት ሳይገድበው በአገራችን በመካሄድ ላይ ለሚገኘው ልማትና ሰላም እንዲሁም አገራችንን ከድህነት ለማውጣት በሚካሄደው ርብርብ በአዲስ ስሜት በአንድ ላይ በመደመር አስተዋፅኦ እንድናበረክትና በአገራዊ ጉዳዮቻችን ላይ ከሁላችሁም ጋር ተቀራርቦ ለመስራት ዝግጁ መሆኑን ይገልፃል። ይህንን ለማስተናገድ ለማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ኤምባሲው ክፍት መሆኑን ለማረጋገጥ ይወዳል። በአገራችን ጉዳይ ላይ ማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ለአገሩ የሚበጀውንና የበኩሉን ድርሻ እንዲያበረክት ጥሪ እያቀረብን ኤምባሲውና መላው ሠራተኞቹ በቅንነትና በታማኝነት በትብብር ለመሥራት ከፍተኞ ፍላጎትና ዝግጁነት ያለን መሆናችንን እናረጋግጣለን።

ግንቡን እናፈርሳለን፣ ድልድዩን እንገነባለን!

ሁላችንም ተደምረን አገራችንን ከፍ እናደርጋታለን!

በኦታዋ የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ

Ethiopia has gained fruitful achievements in bilateral and multi-lateral spheres over the past 100 days since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his regular weekly briefing he gave to journalists today, Spokesperson of the Ministry, Meles Alem said Ethiopia has witnessed a paradigm shift in the political, economic and social sectors over the past 100 days.

He added that the country has entered in to a ‘new marathon diplomacy’ which many countries were acknowledged and motivated to further cooperate with Ethiopia.

He added that the Asmera Declaration, a commitment to end hostility, is the biggest success obtained in the political diplomacy sector during the stated period.

The two countries which share common interest in various areas have reached to this remarkable stage without any interference from a third party.

According to Meles, the normalization process between the two countries would help to change the political alignment and geopolitics of the East African region.

The visit of the Prime Minister to a number of neighboring and Gulf countries is also among the activities that aimed to boost cooperation.

During his 100 days in office, the Prime Minister has exerted maximum effort to enhance bilateral cooperation and many countries have shown interest to engage in Ethiopia.

Some 36 well known companies from China, India, and Arab Emirates among others are expected to invest in manufacturing, agro-industry and extraction of mines as they already conducted feasibility study.

During 100 days Ethiopia has opened consular offices and embassy at The Hague, Netherlands and Tanzania to expand Ethiopia’s representation abroad.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who arrived in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea on 8th July 2018 accorded a warm welcome from President Isaias Afewroki and residents.

Streets in the Eritrean capital Asmara have been lined with several banners hoisting Ethiopia’s flag to welcoming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is making a historic visit to Eritrea.

There was a wide public enthusiasm during the visit of Prime Minister Abiy whiles thousands of residents of the capital marched to Asmara International Airport to welcome the Premier.

Ethiopian flags are waving at the entrance of the airport, along the streets of Asmara, the Eritrean capital for the first time in more than two decades heralding peace.

Posters of the Prime Minister, national flags of the two countries are flying in the streets filled with air of peace and harmony, which were unthinkable days before the visit.

It was learned that in a statement from the EPRDF, “Ethiopia and Eritrea have the most unique cultural, historical & blood ties. The suffering on both sides is unspeakable because the peace process is deadlocked.”

Premier Abiy broke the impasse between the two countries last June to fully implement the Algiers peace accord that ended the border war between the two countries.

The prospect of peace between the two brotherly people of Ethiopia and Eritrea is recently flourishing after Premier Abiy’s call for peace was welcomed by Eritrea.

Events moved quickly after that, with Isaias Afeworki accepting the overtures as a “positive” move and sending a delegation led by Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, Osman Saleh and Eritrean Head of Political Affairs and Presidential Adviser, Yemane Gebreab, to Addis Ababa a week later.

The prolific discussions held between Premier Abiy and the Eritrean delegation has led to the steadfast visit of the two leaders.

The historic official visit of Prime Minister Abiy after the border war between the two countries is the first of its kind in more than two decades.

The Premier’s visit to Asmara is a good omen for a new era of peace and cooperation in the Horn of Africa beyond Ethiopia and Eritrea.

During the visit Premier Abiy and President Isaias expected to discuss on how to resolve the intricate border issues and back to normalization.

Both leaders are also expected to discuss on wide ranges of bilateral and regional issues to flourish the already begun peace talks.

Reports indicated that there has been talk of reopening long-closed air links between the two countries this year.

The Algiers accord was signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea 20 years ago to put an end to the bloody two-year war of 1998-2000 that claimed the lives of thousand soldiers on both sides.

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