State Minister Urges Scholars to Play Major Role in Identifying Gaps in Policies, Implementations

Scholars should have to play a vivid role in creating a society based on consensus by identifying gaps in policies and their implementations, Civil Service State Minister Adamu Ayana said.The state minister has called on scholars in the sector to undertake researches in order to accelerate the country's all-round growth.Various research papers were presented today by different scholars at a discussion forum organized by Civil Service University.  Speaking on the occasion, Civil Service State Minister Adamu Ayana said the government has been developing concepts that have strong foundation by taking the ideas of scholars as inputs and relating them to policies that are issued.Presenting a research paper on the implementation of the country's revised tax collection system, Dr. Delisa Daba said problems are observed in the country's tax collection system.He said the contribution of tax to the GDP is not more than 11 percent.This is less than the sub-Saharan African average and low when compared to that of Kenya, Dr. Delisa pointed out.According to him, the implementations of the revised tax law should therefore be realized and reduction of tax as incentive scheme has to be stopped.To transform the country's agricultural led economy to industrial led economy, the government should once again revise the informal sectors from which taxation is exempted.The President of Civil Service University, Dr. Hailemichael Abera said on his part conducting similar studies and undertaking activities that can bring changes in the country would continue.

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