• A two-day Ethio-Canada Business Forum opened on Monday (February 23) in Addis Ababa to discuss furtherance of trade, investment and business engagements between the two countries. Co-organized by the Canadian Embassy to Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the forum is part of the events marking the 50th Anniversary of Ethio-Canada Friendship. It was attended by a Canadian Trade Mission headed by Senator Don Meredith with 27 representatives of Canadian companies as well as high-level Government officials and leaders of business organizations in Ethiopia. Ambassador Taye Atskeselassie, Director-General of American Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the delegates and expressed thanks to the Canadian Government and business representatives for showing interest in investing in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, said the meeting was an important milestone in forging business ties at a time while the two countries were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ethio-Canada Friendship. Ambassador Birtukan, who noted that Ethiopia considers Canada as one of key development partners, stated that the occasion would promote Ethiopia’s business opportunities. She pointed out that Ethio-Canada relations were beginning to show a promising trend with the keenness of Canadian companies to explore trade, investment and business opportunities in Ethiopia. Recalling the successful Canada-Africa and Canada-Ethiopia Business Fora held last year in Toronto, she said these had displayed a true picture of Ethiopia’s mining and energy potential and had also identified Ethiopia as a focus country for Canada’s development cooperation. Senator Don Meredith, who emphasized the opportunity provided by the meeting to introduce Canadian companies to Ethiopia’s investment and businesses opportunities, said the business forum would augment the growing commercial relations of the two countries. The Senator said the Canadian Trade Mission had made clear their interest to invest in Ethiopia. The Forum features presentations on Ethiopia’s investment opportunities as well as on the mining and energy sectors. It is also giving an opportunity to showcase experience-sharing events, question and answer sessions, networking and business-to-business meetings.



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